Why does health check show a different number of images than the bar/generate sections?

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Please share the following so we may better assist you:

  1. Project type (Object detection)
  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions (i don’t think it’s relevant in this case, i can get this error on chrome and firefox)
  3. The screenshot of the error being triggered in your browser’s developer tools/console.

So what happens that causes this:

  1. create a new project

  2. drop images with annotations

  3. start the upload
    a. upload will hang when it gets to the last few images (which i guess is its own problem)

  4. reload page b/c i’m trying to restart to see if it will work

  5. half the images get uploaded and the other half don’t - then the health check shows the images, but the dataset shows zero.

  6. add more images, resulting in the discrepancy shown here.

Sounds like a bug (maybe with processing the annotations files?). Could you check the dev tools and see if an error is getting spit out?

didn’t see an error in the console, the last message there was:

RECORD EVENT: {"type":"Health Check Viewed","data":{"id":"_______","dataset":"SimpleSymbols2","url":"simplesymbols2","type":"object-detection","workspaceId":"_________"},"opts":{}}

The error would probably happen during the upload process vs when viewing the health check

Tried adding a few more images
uploading still hangs; i don’t see an error just “PUT IMAGE” a whole bunch of times

Then I reloaded like above to get out of the hanging state

Then regenerated the health check - a few images made it through here, not showing on the dataset

Also FYI I have managed to run into the opposite situation
I think the way I triggered this is that I deleted a project and then recreated it from scratch and somehow the old images still count

When I generate a new version everything is still okay though. It’s annoying that the dataset indicators and train/valid/test indicators in the dataset aren’t accurate, but I suppose I can just look at health check to tell me how many images there are.

Object { no: "metadata" }
 FirebaseError: Firebase Storage: An unknown error occurred, please check the error payload for server response. (storage/unknown)
Client uploaded to the wrong offset (786432 instead of 1310720).
    f errors.ts:82
    S error.ts:37
    C error.ts:115
    l request.ts:184
    p backoff.ts:56
    d backoff.ts:72
    t request.ts:153

^ I did finally get an error when this issue re-occurred.

Interesting; never seen that before! Which browser are you using? I found an obscure reference to this where someone mentioned it can happen in Safari.

I’m using Firefox version 100 (latest)

Also this has shown up:

in case it helps with debugging

Hi @vshesh are you still seeing this issue with Health Check generation? I want to follow up in case it still persists for you, as we haven’t received more of these reports from others in the last week.

From today - Seems like health check and the generation steps all show the same values. Hard reload doesn’t change it. This is not a blocker for me using roboflow (since image generation works correctly), just a potentially confusing experience for the user.

Project is public here: