Sorting Object Detection Dataset by class

In the “Annotate” or the “Dataset” tabs, it would be nice to sort the images by the number of instances of a given class. For example, images with 4 instances of a piece of metal should appear before images with 3 instances, down until 0 instances.

This would greatly assist me with correcting some improperly labelled classes without needing to sift through an entire dataset (note that class remapping would not solve my problem as the improper labelling spans multiple classes). Love the annotation tool.

Hi, you can view images by class by clicking the class name in Health Check.

After clicking the class name Health Check, and “Load More…” on the Train/Valid/Test sets, you will only see images that contain at least one instance of that specific class.

Here’s more on how to use Health Check to improve your dataset and model: Dataset Health Check: Improving Your Dataset - Roboflow