Generated images bug?

It says that “I have used 23437 of the 50000 generated images available on your workspace plan.” But I am trying to generate 26983 more images which would exceed my limit.

However, my project does not have any generated images yet.

Here is the project link: Street Litter Instance Segmentation Dataset by Street Litter

Hi @mrblake213

From my understanding, this does not appear to be a bug but a rate-limiting feature working as intended.

You showed a screenshot of a notification for your workspace plan indicating a limit of 50,000 images, then showed a screenshot of a project being empty. This is normal as projects are the children of their parent workspace, and you can add many projects to your workspace plan.

Is it possible you have another project in your workspace with a dataset of 23473 or perhaps several projects that amount up to this number?

To further clarify I asked Lennychat, Roboflow’s AI built on their dataset. The summary of its response was that this doesn’t seem to be a bug unless your workspace itself is empty. Rather this is a rate-limiting feature.

To summarize:, the plan indicates 50,000 images per workspace rather than per project, as a workspace can have many projects.

If you do not have other projects amounting to 23437 and you still believe this is a bug could you please provide further details?

Hope this helps!

Hi! There is currently one project in my only workspace.

Strange, can you try regenerating your storage by clicking “Regenerate” in the health check screen?

Sometimes failed uploads can also account for images uploaded in the total image count, if this is the case running the health check should recalculate the storage and fix the problem.

Related Documentation: Why the system counts the amount of the upload images with the fails to upload?

Let me know if this works!

Hi @mrblake213, if regenerating doesn’t work as @Alejandro_Bermudez suggested, please email me at and I’ll get this fixed

Hi! Regenerating using the health check screen didn’t work.
I sent you an e-mail.

Thank you!

Looping back from email - this should be resolved. Please let me know if not!