Usage of Roboflow with Comet

Hello, when using yolov5 model with Comet with Roboflow there is an error, that can be fixed with changing of data.yaml file.
It’s needed to add a line

path: /content/yolov5

e.g. after “roboflow:” section.

Here is the error:

COMET INFO: Experiment is live on | Supercharging Machine Learning
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/content/yolov5/”, line 642, in
File “/content/yolov5/”, line 531, in main
train(opt.hyp, opt, device, callbacks)
File “/content/yolov5/”, line 96, in train
loggers = Loggers(save_dir, weights, opt, hyp, LOGGER) # loggers instance
File “/content/yolov5/utils/loggers/”, line 133, in init
self.comet_logger = CometLogger(self.opt, self.hyp)
File “/content/yolov5/utils/loggers/comet/”, line 97, in init
self.data_dict = self.check_dataset(
File “/content/yolov5/utils/loggers/comet/”, line 234, in check_dataset
if data_config[‘path’].startswith(COMET_PREFIX):
KeyError: ‘path’