YOLOv8 YAML format incorrect


I have used Roboflow some time ago to easily export datasets for training a YOLOv8 model. This all worked perfectly well before.

Now I’ve noticed that something changed. When exporting the YOLOv8 as like a download link, it creates a .yaml file, which should contain the relative paths to the train, validation and testing data. This worked correctly before, but I think that the formatting has changed, breaking the code.

Right now, the paths to the data look like this:

However this is incorrect as the paths for the training and validation data should be …/train/images and …/valid/images respectively

When downloading the data as a ZIP folder it does not do this, only when downloading it with the commands.
Can you please let me know why this is happening and why it did work as intended before?

For clarity, this is what it should be (and was before)

It seems to have been changed now to this:


Which works as well. Thank you!