Upload stuck on Processing

So I’ve been trying to train a model to look at some braille images hand labelled by me. I didn’t know there was a 10k limit (I’ve labelled 12k images), but that’s okay. I tried to upload the folder containing the images expecting only 10k of them to upload, but it’s stuck on rendering forever (until the browser crashes) (image provided below). Please help!

Hi @Shubham_Acharya, sorry to hear that.

Can you try this method?: Uploading a Larger Dataset in Splits

Uploading the dataset by “splits” (train set, followed by valid set, etc) can help break up the amount of data being processed at once by your browser, improving the upload speed of your dataset.

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What I found to work was, I reduced the number of images from 12k to below 10k and it worked out!