Can't upload images

I choose a folder to upload, then I click on the green button “Finish uploading” and notthing happens. And in 5-10 minutes browser get crashed. I tried to upload only 50 images, but got the same problem.
I haven’t been able to upload for three days. I have good and stable internet connection, almost 100 mb/s.
Please, help with this issue.

Hi @kuaranir

Can you take a screenshot with the console/devtools open as you’re uploading so we can see if any errors are triggering?

Right click => Inspect => Console

if this is a classification project, there was a bug, but someone from our staff has since pushed a fix. Can you try again if this is a classification project?

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Yes, I forgot to say it was classification.
I couldn’t click anything, because, as I mentioned, nothing worked on the site…

It is okay now! Uploading is working thanks!