Need help: Can't upload additional data on a project

I am trying to add additional data on my project in roboflow using the upload option.

After clicking both options on the upload area, and uploading the images, the browser will crash. I am unable to view the console log because the moment I trigger the upload button the whole browser will become unclickable.


I am using microsoft edge, and I also tried it with google chrome.

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Hi @Kennethx54, can you try uploading your dataset in splits?

It looks like your browser is having trouble working with that much data at once (images and annotation files are client-side until you hit “Save and Continue” to confirm upload):

Hi Mohamed , i am facing the same issue on many projects .Some projects are unresponsive when i upload a single image only.

Hii @Mohamed I am also facing this same issue for all the old workspaces as i have mentioned in mail but if i am creating some new workspace then it’s working fine.

“For all the old workspaces”

  • What plan type are they? And when were they created?

What browser are you using?

What label format are you uploading with the images?

Are you importing images downloaded from the internet, such as Kaggle or Roboflow Universe, or are they your own images you collected for labelling?

Hi @Mohamed,
The first workspace has a public plan with 6,000 images currently and was created on January 19th, 2023.
The second workspace, DASH101, was created on February 27th, 2023, contains multiple requested features, such as the ability to upload up to 25,000 images.
I am experiencing this issue on the latest versions of Google Chrome (Version 112.0.5615.138, 64-bit) and Microsoft Edge (Version 112.0.1722.48, 64-bit).
The image format being used is either JPG or PNG.
The image dataset being used for this project is created by my team and was not taken from Kaggle or Roboflow Universe.

For your convenience, I have included a short video that demonstrates the issue.
Link :

Thank you for the detailed update, that is very helpful. I’ve shared the information with our engineering team.

@Bhavya_Bansal can you try again now?

Yes, it’s working.
Thank you, Mohamed and team, for resolving this issue. We truly appreciate all of your efforts.

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Hi @Mohamed, it’s the same issue experienced by Bhavya, but it’s resolved now. Thank you for your response!