Stuck at uploading images

I was trying to upload images and labels to a project I created. The image upload after split is stuck and does not show the images even though it says the uploading files …0 seconds remaining.

Hi @plutonic

Sorry that you’re having issues. Could you share a screenshot with the issue and the developer console (F12 → Console tab) so that we can help debug this for you?

Hi @leo, I apologize for my delayed response. I truly appreciate your help in this matter!

I have attached the screenshots you requested for. It allows me to attach only one image since I am a new user.

@leo I have attached a couple of screenshots. Sorry, they are not in order.

Hi @plutonic

Could you try logging out & logging back in + clearing your cache and local storage to see if that resolves that issue?

I tried that. First, it counts down to 0 for uploading time remaining. Then the time remaining reversed incrementally. From 0 to 3 sec, 5 sec…

I have another account on roboflow. The same thing is happening there. I suspect it’s my browser.

Hi @plutonic

Sorry to hear you’re still experiencing issues. It is possible that there’s a extension or some configuration of your browser that is interfering, so could you also try in an incognito/private browser window?

Also, is it possible to share the images you are trying to upload to see if they might be causing upload problems?

Hi @leo

I tried incognito mode and disabling all the extensions. It did not work.

However, I was able to upload a couple of images (for testing) without any label file and they were uploaded successfully.
Now, without manual labeling how do I use my label files separately to avoid manual labeling? These label files were generated using roboflow annotations mechanism using SAM.

I have attached a couple of images in the next posts since I am not allowed to post multiple.

So far you might be right, it might be the images or labels. What would I do if that is the case?


Finally, I was able to upload the annotations using the beta version of auto annotate code from jupyter notebook.

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