Stuck on upload complete


I have a problem (3-4 days). I upload 18 images with annotations and when I press save and continue it is stuck on “upload complete!”, and when even if it is showing that i have uploaded 18 images i cannot see them. 1 month ago i was able to upload ~540 images along with their annotations now i can upload 10 max if i am lucky.
![2023-03-10 11_19_09-xa Dataset _ Upload|690x214]

Do you know any solution?

Hi @angelos_papadopoulos - what format/type of images are you attempting to upload?

There may be some kind of issue with the images, triggering errors when our system attempts to parse them.

Are they images with RGB channels? JPEG or PNG?

i solved it, there was an issue with my json files. Thanks anyway

I am facing the same problem. What was the issue with your json files?