Unable to upload more images to existing project

I created a image detection project and started uploading and annotating images. yesterday I got a new batch of images and tried uploading them with the window in the image, but every time I try to upload an image or a file the page looks like it’s loading the image for a second and then switches right back to this window without uploading the file.
I should mention all the images are PNG, and the new batch of images is in the same format and size as the older batch. I also have no duplicate names. I tried this in chrome, edge, and even private browser and it still didn’t work. The interesting part is that for some reason it does work on my phone.

Hi @tamirshoresh - thanks for posting!

Do you mind sharing the following:

  1. Screen recording of the upload flow with the chrome dev tools console open → this is so we can see the errors being generated.
  2. Email starter-plan@roboflow.com with the smallest reproducible example (e.g., 3 images and annotation file).

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