Issues reassigning images

Hi @Mohamed, I’m also having the same issue as above. I cannot reassign the images for annotation and the job is displaying no images despite saying I have x unassigned images.

Prior to this I wanted to test reassigning the job so I used a small dataset around 10-15 images. And it worked as intended. However, when I tried to apply the same method to my actual project about 1500 pictures, I got the error above. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Hi @Tengku_Aizat

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

I split your issue into a different topic since it was different from the one you replied to.

Do you have any screenshots of your issue? Did your receive an error message or just get a blank annotation job?

Hi @leo, thanks for the reply. I attached a screenshot below. The unassigned annotation job has no pictures in it (usually it does) and when I tried to reassign the jobs it says it’s assigning jobs but doesn’t assign it to the individual in the end. It continues to remains as a blank annotation job. There were no error messages.

I tried to recreate the issue using a smaller dataset in a different project, but it worked as intended. I could easily reassign the images again. However, for my current project I can’t. The only difference is the amount of images.

System: Windows 10, Chrome

Issue was somehow resolved. I recheck the annotation page a few hours later and after refreshing the page it assigned the annotation jobs.

edit: I assume the thread can be closed? Can only a mod do that?