Can't access or assign unassigned images

  • Project Type: Object Detection
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows 11 and Chrome
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: Logo detection

Can’t access or assign in the unassigned column the batch “new images”, as shown bellow.

When I try clicking on “Assign images” I can’t see the images. When I trying assigning it for me it shows that’s creating a job, but nothing change in the end. After the job “completed” I’m thrown to the “annotate home” with the situation shown in the first image.

So I can’t see the images I annotated. I would try deleting the batch, but I would lose all annotations done.

Hope you can help me.

Hi @Rafael_Gildin - I just recalculated the image counts in your workspace. Are you still seeing this issue?

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It worked, thanks a lot @Jacob_Witt !

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