Can't assign images in the unassigned column

  • Project Type: Object Detection
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows 11 & Google Chrome
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: Atta Leafcutter Ants Object Detection

As shown below, I can’t assign images in this specific unassigned batch.

Whenever I attempt to click on “Assign images,” the images fail to appear. Even when I try to assign the task to myself, it indicates that a job is being created, yet ultimately, there’s no change. Once the job status shows as “completed,” I’m redirected to the “annotate home” page, which looks just like the scenario depicted in the initial image. As a result, I’m unable to do anything with the images that have been previously annotated.

I’d appreciate any assistance you can provide as it is really important that I add these annotated images to my dataset. Thank you.

It seems like your question got cut off. Could you please provide more details or clarify what you need help with regarding the “Object Detection” project type on Roboflow?

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All but one of the images in this batch is annotated, and I want to add those annotated images to my dataset. However, none of the images show up to be assigned.

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