Implementing a way to re-assign images that have already been labelled

I erroneously added a block of images to my dataset before my labeler contractor had finished all of the labels (it was marked as labelled in the user interface, but, he had not labelled all of some particular label class).

I really need a way to be able to re-assign those images BACK to him without changing his status in the project as a labeler, and without going through each image one by one to do so.

Hi @Nick_Arner, we do have a feature available for Deleting Annotation Batches:

When batches are “deleted” from the Annotating, Review, or Dataset columns, they go back to the Unassigned column for Re-assignment, or Deletion.

As it currently stands, this would still require the image-batch to be “Re-Assigned” to the labeler.

One question I do have, did you select “Accept All” when adding the images to the batch?

@Mohamed Yes, I think I did Accept All when adding images to the batch

Was able to get this working - thanks Mohamed.

Figuring out a way to make this a bit more intuitive could be super helpful!

@Mohamed Ahhh actually - I think I found a pretty bad bug - now the images are unassigned (even though I keep trying to assign them)

And when I click on the job, there’s nothing there

I’ll send you an email to get the workspace link so I can take a deeper look. Thanks for flagging this!

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