Failure to move images from unassigned to dataset

Project Type: Object Detection
Operating System & Browser: Mac OS & Chrome

I have had to move a bunch of my annotations around for varying export needs and I now have batches in unassigned that I want to move back into my dataset. For the most part this has been a simple task, but now I have one batch that is stuck in unassigned. When I open it (to assign it to myself and then to the dataset) I don’t see any images, just a blank page. This does happen frequently, but normally resolves within a minute or two, but it has been stuck like this now for at least 20 minutes. Any ideas?

Hi @dave89

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Could you share some screenshots and look it the developer console (F12) to help us troubleshoot and fix whatever you’re experiencing?

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hey @leo i got the same problem, can you help me to fix it?.

Hi @dave89

Could you also do the same?

this is what happens

Hey @Mayogoose

Thank you for sharing the extra info. On the Developer Tools, could you switch to the Console tab to see if any error show up and share a screenshot?

Sorry for the late reply! Here are the errors in console

I switched from google chrome to ios safari and it was solved. It might be because chrome does not support the “attribution-reporting” feature, or I may have made changes to DOM manipulation/ dynamic content loading, messing up the node. Thanks for directing me to take a look at the console!

Thank you for letting us know. We will look into it.