Issues appear when training annotated images on Roboflow with YOLOv8

When I followed the instruction video about training annotated images on Roboflow with YOLOv8, I saw the issues in the picture below. Could anyone help me please?

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

Could you share the notebook that you are using so that we can help you better?

It looks like you might be missing the dataset. Were you able to successfully download the dataset?

Thanks for your reply, could you please help me check if this means I successfully downloaded the dataset? the picture is coupled with the one in the topic.

At a glance the code looks correct, it shows at the bottom the dataset was properly downloaded as it was downloaded and extracted to completion.

Downloading Dataset Version Zip in Traffic-surveillance-system-3 to yolov8:: 100%|
Extracting Dataset Version Zip to Traffic-surveillance-system-3 in yolov8:: 100%
| 151008/151008 [00:07<00:00, 19447.7eit/s]
3918/3918 [00:00<00:00, 4925.77it/s]

Also, be careful showing your API key as it can easily be compromised this way, I highly advise revoking it and replacing it with a new secure API key.

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Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ
and @Alejandro_Bermudez thank you for your response and you are right on both.

You should reset your API key right away by clicking on the “Revoke API Key” button in your workspace API settings.

As for your primary issue, it looks like the dataset was downloaded fine. You can check to see if the file that Ultralytics is saying isn’t there /content/datasets/Traffic-surveillance-system-3/data.yaml is there by going into the file explorer in Colab.

Also, if you could share the notebook that you are using, that would greatly help us debug your issue better. Could you save a copy of the notebook and share the link with us?

Thank you so much for your recommendations, @Alejandro_Bermudez and @stellasphere I’ve just started the training process again and it’s now magically running as the video shows. If there are any issues further, I will instantly ask for your help in this conversation. Thank you very much again :smiley:

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Sounds good!

Hi @stellasphere Could you please tell me where the file explorer in Colab is? I wonder what I should do to save the training result so that I can access it to continue with the next steps when I return to the notebook later.

Hi @Nhân_Dương_Sĩ

Of course, the file explorer can be accessed by clicking the folder icon on the menu in the left hand side:

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