Training yolov8 model on google colab via ultralytics hub

Getting these errors when trying to train a yolov8 model on google colab via ultralytics hub:

Also provide any screenshots, error messages :

I cant provide the error code because it contains more than 2 links and new accounts cannot post more than 2 links.

it’s stating in the xml file that i am missing or have an incorrect key inside of the ROBOFLOW_INTEGRATION file

Hi @John_Smith

As a general rule, we don’t provide support for other products not made by Roboflow.

That being said, it does sound like you have the incorrect API key.

It looks like you’re already using Roboflow for your dataset. An alternative could be using Roboflow Train to train with one click, or using one of our many notebooks. Those are uses that we would definitely support here on the forum.

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