Export dataset is not exporting train data, only val and test

After creating dataset version with preprocessing and augmentations, I generate dataset and proceed to export (failing on both yolo darknet and yolo v6 formats)- test and val folders are generated with corresponding amounts of images and text data that I request, but train folder and text files are not created and are not included in download zip, or via python API.

  1. Project type (Object detection, Classification, Polygon, etc.)
  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions
    agnostic- problem with roboflow on all OS

Hi @Anton_King, which project were you experiencing this on? I’m only seeing the tutorial project and no workspace type selection on that workspace.


I have an project on this account named csbro as a test for another project I’m working on, on my other account (king1266@umn.edu) I’ve experienced this bug on 3 of my projects, in the yolo darknet format, as well as yolo v6 and v7, via the website download zip as well as the python API download

I noticed the bug initially on my project uc-ate5k/cs_killfeed


here is a video of the bug reproduced. At the moment, no data is exported at all.

Hi @Anton_King - we just pushed a fix for this bug. You can delete the affected versions and generate a new one, and the images should appear alongside annotations. Additionally, export and Roboflow Train should work on newly generated versions, too.