How can we export annotated images in roboflow?

I made a project using YOLOv8 in roboflow, and now I want to train exactly same dataset on other YOLO versions as well (just to compare results).
I tried if I can create another version in same project and then choose different model, but I didn’t found any way to do that.
So finally I thought that I would export the annotated dataset and create a new project with YOLOv5 model, but when I exported dataset it didn’t had annotations.
Can someone please help me out with this, and tell that how can I download annotated dataset so that I can train it on different YOLO version. If not then please suggest any other way which could work for me.

  • Project Type: Object detection
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows11, Google Chrome

Hi @ridz

How a version in Roboflow works is that it’s a copy of your datasets (with preprocessing and augmentations applied) at that point in time. Export options aren’t set to one project or a specific version. You can export any number of formats from any version in any project.

Learn more about this in the relevant page on our docs.

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