Yolov8 Keypoint Colab Notebook errors with default settings


I am trying to train a keypoint detection model for my application. I have gone through labelling, but am having issues with the Colab notebook provided for training. The details for the error are posted below, and I am experiencing this with both the default dataset and my custom dataset.

Any advice?

this is my question too.

Hi @mahdi_aghavali and @Philip_Liddell

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re taking a look into this, but in the mean time, here is a temporary fix:

  1. Go into the files and locate the data.yaml file for your dataset

2.Edit the split path names.

  • They should currently look something like this:
test: ../test/images
train: Glue-Keypoint-Detection-1/train/images
val: Glue-Keypoint-Detection-1/valid/images
  • You should edit them to look like this:
test: ../test/images
train: ../train/images
val: ../valid/images

Note that the dataset names/file paths will be different if you used your own or different datasets.