Why was the feature of annotation heatmap deleted?

My project does not have annotation heatmap and histogram of object count by image in Health Check. And I really don’t know the reason.

  1. Project type: Object detection;
  2. Windows 11, Google Chrome 114.0
  3. Following images show the error:

Hi @jvprimakipr

The Health Check feature doesn’t update instantly, so if you uploaded images very recently, they might not show up yet. You can resolve this by clicking the “Regenerate” button on the Health Check page

Hope this helps

Unfortunately, that didn’t help.

I already tried this a few times, but it doesn’t change anything.

Maybe the reason could be that I have too many classes, because it’s more than 100.

Do you know if this could affect the health check?


Hi @jvprimakipr

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues. Are the rest of the Health Check features working?

Do you have other projects and if so, is health check working fine there?

Hello, here in this link TDM Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by TCC everyone can see what is not working. Unfortunately I don’t have another project, I’ll try to create some in the future to check if it is working fine.

But if you could check in the link and see if it is possible to find the problem, I would be very grateful.