Annotated images showing as unannotated

Hey everyone,
In my project,I have already annotated my images for my dataset. However, the overview shows I have unannotated images whereas in the unannotated tab there are 0 images as shown in the image below.

Any leads would be appreciated.

  1. Project type (Object detection, Classification, Polygon, etc.)
    The project type is Object detection.

  2. The operating system & browser you are using and their versions
    I am using the Roboflow website for annotation on Microsoft edge.

  3. The screenshot of the error being triggered in your browser’s developer tools/console.

Hi @Supratim_Chatterjee thank you for your bug report! Can you send the link to this post as well as a screenshot of it to along with the email, project name, and workspace name for your account?

I can get right on a bug report so our development team can take a look if the issue persists.

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Thanks for replying. I have sent the mail with the required details.

@Mohamed instead of answering in mail please post your answer here for community. You are not solving the problem just for one person but the community, Thanks

Hi @client_projects - this was a bug report for an issue with our system. I asked for the details on how to replicate the bug so we could fix it. That is the procedure we follow.