Why the system counts the amount of the upload images with the fails to upload?

I am not sure that the maximum of the annotation images for the student workspace is 6,000 images.
But I have found a bug.
I have done annotated for 2,400 images and I made fails to upload but the system counted it as I did.
Currently I am available for more 300 images.
I guest this is a bug.
Please help to solve this problem


My support key is wZ1cmq5OVDRmsBiwQwna7gVhNaI2

I’ve run an update on your workspace - can you check to see if the issue is persisting? It should be resolved for you now.

I’m not sure what occurred during your upload process, but if you click “Regenerate” on the Health Check screen, then it will recalculate your storage, too.