Bug on source image limit

The limit gives me 6000 more images than I actually use

There seems to be some untraced images that I can neither delete or see

Hi @Pointly_Scout, can you try going to the Health Check page and clicking Regenerate? That will recount and relink images in your workspace.

Hi @Jacob_Witt, I tried with Health Check but the problem persists.

the number of additional images corresponds to images from a unassigned batch that I deleted.
but it seems these images are still in my workspace

@Pointly_Scout can you try now, please?

I did it again but the problem persists


I attach some images to better understand the problem
as you see the real images in my workspace are 11 530
but according to the counter the images are 17252

Hi @Pointly_Scout, I’m Tony from Roboflow’s engineering team.
Thanks for reporting this bug.
Indeed, your workspace reached a state where there are 5722 “orphan” images that are invisible to you, which count towards image limits but can’t be deleted.
Sorry about that, sometimes racing conditions can cause this behaviour and we’re working to eliminate it.
Meanwhile I’ll just remove those images and the counts should be right again.

@Pointly_Scout I removed the orphaned images. Can you check if it looks good now?

thanks, now looks good

If it helps, the problem arose when I renamed a batch of unassigned images

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