Upload Slow

I have been trying to upload a 6,000 image JPG with yolo8 txt annotation. Despite splitting into 2,000 image sets, browser upload “finishes” upload (zero left) then hangs for hours. After trying to save I only see 800+ images of uploaded 2,000. I need this to work. If I can’t upload 2,000 images why on earth would I pay to upload 15,000 with starter plus package.

Please help!

Hi @deepdatasystems,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Could you share screenshots of the upload page hanging? If you could share what’s happening in the developer console (F12) that too might be helpful for replicating and fixing your issues.

Also, is it possible your images have extremely similar or duplicate images? We filter out duplicate images so that additional images that won’t benefit the model aren’t counted against your usage.

just hangs at 4,440 images but does the same with smaller uploads (1,000+)


write stream exhausted maximum allowed queries.

Maximum backoff delay to prevent overloading the backend.

This is a deal killer. There is no way I would ever pay for Roboflow if I cant upload more than a few hundred images at a time.

I’m also noticing slow uploads.

I’m auto-pre-annotating in Google Cloud as a Batch. Now my batch machines continue to run “forever” in the uploading phase. So spending money on cloud resources because it takes 7sec per image upload.