Incorrect upload of images from computer to roboflow account

Good day. This is not the first time in 8 months that I have noticed problems with loading images. It looks like this: I want to upload 200 images, but in reality 130 are loaded. Or I want to upload 500 images for outfitting, but 250 are loaded. I tried reloading the page, clearing cookies, deleting the old one and loading a new one, it doesn’t help. It is also possible that when uploading, when an archive is created, not all images may be available.

So, am I wasting my precious time? A lot of time, a lot of time! For a month and a half now, every day, from morning to night. As a result, I may not receive a complete archive for yolo8. It is not normal! Do something, check, check that everything is as it should be.

I really hope that you will hear me and take the necessary measures. I’m tired of uploading one number of images, but on the site it’s completely different, and I’m in the red!

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