Smart Polygon Highlighting Feature Missing?

  • Project Type: Instance Segmentation
  • Operating System & Browser: Windows, Edge / Brave
  • Project Universe Link or Workspace/Project ID: mleafstrseg2023

Previously, when using the Smart Polygon tool, it highlighted objects in red when I hovered over them with my mouse (almost like a preview of the region to be selected). Unfortunately, that feature does not seem to be working anymore - does anyone happen to know if this is an ongoing issue or if it was removed as a feature?

I have been using the platform on and off this year but I noticed that this feature disappeared a couple of months ago at this point (probably around March). I have also tried using both Edge and Brave, and have experienced the same issue on both browsers.

Update: I’ve discovered that this feature works on a few images of the dataset, but still does not seem to work for about 95% of the dataset?