Roboflow annotation taking too much CPU

I am trying to annotate a dataset of fish images but as soon as I start annotating 5 to 10 Images my browser (Firefox, I which I am using roboflow ) is using 100% of my laptop CPU resulting in lagging of my browser and roboflow annotater. Anyone had similiar issues can you please help me out?

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What image sizes are you working with?

Additionally, what CPU are you operating on? What’s your network speed? And how many other applications do you have running while annotating?

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I am in the same boat on this running the window at full screen 1440p while annotating is causing my CPU to run at around 70-90% causing extreme lag.

I have
Network -
PC Specs -
CPU: i9-9900k
32 GB 3200 Ram

Open Applications:
None that are using anything as all are using 0% only google chrome is using 90% of my CPU while annotating ill leave a pic below of when the annotate page is opened on an image.

This is with the image zoom set to 200% as I need to get an accurate bounding box on my objects when zoomed out there is a bit less usage but its still unbelievably high.

When moving the mouse around on the annotate page the CPU usage goes a bit higher than shown in the images but still unreasonable for a decent CPU and not utilizing any GPU power at all.

Solved for me at least simple as restarting the browser

Reasoning: I had updated my Nvidia drivers the driver unhooked from chrome and never reattached to the browser I had opened so after restarting its working flawlessly the reason for the image above was it switched to integrated graphics so if anyone is having issues Restart your browser or Computer if your hardware isn’t sub par and it should work perfectly again.