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Hello, I’m using the SAM assisted labeling tool to segment objects in my dataset. However I’m running into long delays when saving the image annotations or SAM outputting the mask results. For each image, they’re lasting anywhere from 2-60 seconds. This is the saving logo that I’m getting.


My datasets range from 400 - 900 images so I wanted to ask if there’s any way to mitigate the delay from saving annotations or SAM outputting masks and label faster. I have tried using an ethernet but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

Thank you

Based on the information provided in the extracts, there are a few potential solutions to mitigate the delay from saving annotations or SAM outputting masks.

  1. Check your image size and quality: As mentioned in the Roboflow blog, the image size or quality could impact how well the model creates annotations in practice. Fine edges, corners, and small spaces can require more effort to capture. These edge cases are impacted by image size and image quality. If your images are too large or of very high quality, consider reducing the size or quality to improve the speed of annotation.

  2. Check your system resources: As discussed in the Roboflow forum, the performance of the annotation tool can be affected by the resources available on your system. If you have many other applications running while annotating, it could slow down the process. Also, check your CPU and GPU usage. If your CPU usage is high, try closing other applications to free up resources. If your GPU is not being utilized, you may need to update your drivers or restart your browser.

  3. Use Smart Polygon with SAM: As explained in the Roboflow blog, Smart Polygon can help speed up the annotation process. It allows you to see a preview of the mask that will be generated with your initial click, saving time because you can see masks before you apply them and navigate the image to find the best initial mask to create.

If none of these solutions work, it might be a good idea to reach out to Roboflow’s support for further assistance.

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