Request for convert smart polygon to boxes feature

Hello roboflow, i love using your product to help me annotate my dataset. my favourite feature is label assist but sometime the box is a bit large than the object that i want to annotate. so im using convert boxes to smart polygon to fit the polygon with the object and change again to box to make sure the box fit in the object. i love it if you guys add a feature that convert polygon to box in one click instead i convert to box one by one. love from malaysia!!

Hi @izzuddin

Thank you for the feedback! We appreciate it.

Is there a particular reason that you are converting to boxes? If you are using Smart Polygon in an object detection project, when you import a version of the dataset into most model training processes, they will automatically convert to bounding boxes.

Edit: It previously incorrectly said that polygons are automatically converted to bounding boxes on export.

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Oh, thanks for the information. I just learned that Smart Polygon in an object detection project will automatically convert to bounding boxes when exporting the dataset. So, I don’t need to worry about manually converting each Smart Polygon to bounding boxes from now on. Thanks for the info! Consider my request fulfilled. love from malaysia!!

Hi @izzuddin

I made a mistake in my previous message and I’ve corrected it. If you need to convert your data into bounding boxes for a reason outside of model training, I suggest taking a look at this:

man i just convert 1k picture with bounding box to polygon for my dataset to remove the background noise

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