Pre trained model manga detection included in inference time or not?

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I have been using your pre trained model at this link: How to Use the Manga translator (Detection) Object Detection API

and was wondering, will my data be private? Is this pre-trained model included in 1000 inference times as each time I call the API it will be calculated ? Or not ?

How do I keep my data private while using it ? As to what I understood, public data in Roboflow will in rboboflow universe. And how can I deploy on website

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Regarding your data privacy, Roboflow does not own your data. Your data remains yours even after upload. This is included in Roboflow’s terms source.

As for the usage of the pre-trained model, each time you call the API, it will count towards your inference limit. However, the extracts provided do not specify the exact number of inferences included in the free tier.

If you want to keep your data private while using Roboflow, you can use Roboflow’s private business Sandbox and upgrade later. The public datasets in Roboflow Universe are meant to inspire and inform your model, but you are not required to share your company’s data source.

To deploy your model on a website, every trained model in Roboflow automatically gets an infinitely scalable cloud API, and is optimized to run directly in users’ web browsers. SDKs and code snippets are available in all of the most popular programming languages source.

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Hi @Abdulmajeed_Alroumi

Workspaces are private unless set to public, setting it to public allows your model to be accessed publicly on Roboflow Universe. If you choose not set to set your workspace to public, only people who you directly invite will have access to your data and workspace.

Thank you so much for reply. The reason why I asked after playing around the pre trained model I described. Roboflow provided me with an api link and I checked the pricing that the data will be public unless I upgraded, that’s why I was asking. Will my data be exposed ? Do I need to upgrade ?

Hi @Abdulmajeed_Alroumi - when on the Public tier, the information that is visible to the community is: images/datasets and trained models inside your account.

If you are using your API key to access a model and running inferences with the model, the images/videos you are running inference on are not visible. The only way they would become visible is if you stored the results in your Roboflow account.