Does Roboflow jointly own my image data?

Reading the the Terms I saw this:

It seems like this is saying that Roboflow can fully exploit any data I upload, whether or not my account is public or private, essentially meaning we have joint ownership of the data. Is this correct?

No, that’s not correct. Roboflow does not own your data. As stated in the terms of service and reiterated in multiple forum posts, you retain all ownership rights in any content, information, or materials you post, submit, publish, display, or transmit. Your data remains yours even after upload. This is a principle that Roboflow strongly believes in and upholds.

The clause you’re referring to in the terms of service is standard language that allows Roboflow to perform the services you request, such as processing and augmenting your images, without infringing on your rights. It does not mean that Roboflow claims ownership of your data.

If you have any further concerns about data ownership or privacy, I would recommend reaching out to Roboflow directly or consulting with a legal professional.


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Hello -

Private workspace data is not visible to Roboflow employees (unless you grant our team access for support) or any other Roboflow users.

Public workspace data is available on and you choose the licensing options when uploading the data. Other users can download the data or use the model endpoint. You can delete your public dataset and it will be removed from Universe.

It does seem like these terms could give Roboflow full access to do whatever they want with our data though. Can you assure us that this is not the case?

We do not have access to do whatever we want with your data. Our Terms and Privacy explicitly outline ownership, license rights, and how data is used. These are different depending on the plan you have with Roboflow. Private plans are different than Public plans because Public plan images and models are available on

Are you saying that the terms I’ve sent in the image are only applicable to public users?

To understand how the image you sent relates to privacy, you have to review the Privacy Policy (Roboflow Privacy Policy) which outlines information collection and use. Between those two documents, you can assess if using Roboflow makes sense for you.

Alternatively, our Enterprise plan (Roboflow Enterprise) allows for custom contracting and security reviews if that is required for your use of Roboflow.