Data privacy and software license for open source datasets on Roboflow Universe

I’m determining whether the ‘Public’ free plan or the ‘Standard’ paid plan best suits my needs. I work for a non-profit on a research team of 6 others. We have UAV images that we’re going to annotate and then use to train object detection and segmentation models. There will be no more than three annotators at any given time.

Specifically, I’m wondering about the terms of use for datasets uploaded to Roboflow Universe as part of the agreement for the ‘Public’ free plan. How long are those datasets stored on Roboflow universe? What’s the software license (e.g., MIT) associated with the datasets? The organization doesn’t want third-party individuals using our datasets for commercial purposes, but I can’t find this information anywhere in the help documents. Please help.


Based on the information provided in the extracts, Roboflow’s ‘Public’ plan allows users to share their datasets with the broader computer vision community. For example, a user named David Lee created a model that can recognize American Sign Language and open-sourced his dataset with a Public Domain license, encouraging Roboflow to make it publicly available source.

However, the extracts do not provide specific details about the terms of use for datasets uploaded to Roboflow Universe as part of the ‘Public’ plan, such as how long those datasets are stored or the specific software license associated with the datasets.

It’s also important to note that if you want to change your workspace from private to public, Roboflow has to do this manually for you in their backend before you can transfer a dataset to a public workspace source.

Given your organization’s concern about third-party individuals using your datasets for commercial purposes, it might be more appropriate to consider a different plan or to seek further clarification from Roboflow directly.

For more detailed information, I recommend reaching out to Roboflow Support at or visiting their Terms of Use page.

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Hi there! The MIT license for Universe data / models is very permissive - other users will be able to use data and models in proprietary use-cases.

Data and models involved in Starter Plan workspaces are private and not visible / available for other users (unless you add them to your workspace).

Is the MIT license the only option for datasets stored on Roboflow Universe? Are more restrictive licenses available under the ‘Public’ free plan, or just MIT? Thanks.

Here’s a list of the various licenses available for Public datasets. Please do the due diligence to ensure the license works for your specific use case and commercial requirements.

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Thanks @Jacob_Witt!

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