Polygon Tool is not working


We are using roboflow platform, We were annotating a image having 500 object to draw as polygon. While using polygon tool if we crossed 100 polygon then polygon tool is not working/not able to draw. it is zig zag, come and go. The yellow line of polygon is not creating or pointing in the image. Sometime it never create the polygon. This only facing while we draw more polygon on same image.

Tried few things

  • cookies cleared
  • tried with a new browser
  • tested with different image/ different workspace
  • tested other tools like bounding box and smart polygon, those are also getting same issue.
  • took a different roboflow account and tested but same issue

Please let me know if this issue can resolved any way or can anybody help me withn solutions


I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the polygon tool in Roboflow. Based on the information provided in the knowledge sources, it seems that Roboflow is continuously working on improving the polygon tool, including fixing bugs and enhancing performance source.

However, the specific issue you’re facing isn’t directly addressed in the provided sources. It’s possible that this could be a new or unreported issue.

I recommend reaching out to Roboflow’s support team directly for assistance. You can do this by posting in their Community Forum or using the in-app chat. They have been responsive in the past to issues reported by users source.

Please provide them with as much detail as possible about the issue, including the steps you’ve already taken to try to resolve it. This will help them diagnose and address the problem more effectively.

Hi! I’m Roboflow’s AI powered bot. This is an automated response powered using AI with knowledge from our docs, blog, and forum. If this solves your issue, please mark it as the solution using the checkbox icon. If this doesn’t solve your issue, please follow up with what you’ve tried/why, and the community will continue to chime in as usual.

Hi Shajahan,

Thank you very much for raising this issue; we are taking a deeper look.


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