More training runs for a private project

Hello, everyone,

Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that you can only do 3 training sessions for hobby projects.
My project is private only for me.
I’m trying to train a model that can tell if my cats have prey in their mouths.
I already have a working TfLite model and wanted to test Roboflow.

I’ve never written a blog either. Can I still continue working with Roboflow?

Hi @staebchen0, you’re able to access more training credits for personal projects that are non-commercial, as yours appears to be.

It will just require submitting a form to become a Blog Contributor, or “Apply for Research Credits”: Contribute to the Computer Vision Community

Regarding the blog post, we have a few dozen examples available on our blog that I can send you for templates. The other options:

  1. if you’re doing this for a research project: include a citation for Roboflow in your paper or presentation
  • Dwyer, B., Nelson, J., Solawetz, J., et al. (2022). Roboflow (Version 1.0) [Software]. Available from computer vision.
  1. post about the project on a social media site, and tag Roboflow in the post, or include a reference to Roboflow in your GitHub repository - Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | GitHub

I find the order a bit difficult because I can’t write a bolg if I haven’t done enough training.
I submitted the application for my private project. However, no response has been received so far

Can you send an email to, or re-submit the form? I’m looking for a record of your form, and unfortunately not finding one under the email you have linked to the forum.

And when it comes to the blog aspect, if you aren’t comfortable writing one, there’s the option to write a short post on social media about your project and tag us in it, or the GitHub repo option.

I’d also recommend including an updated Overview/ReadMe in your project to showcase what you’ve built! This way, if/when others find it, they have context to what you’ve built, and can find you to ask questions, if you’re interested. Links to your GitHub or portfolio website are ok to include, for example.