Apply for credits for research and education

I applied for credits for research and education many times but until now, I haven’t received a reply email :sob: My workspace is stuck, I can’t upload or generate with my dataset. My labelling team are still waiting. This project is significant because I need it to complete my Graduation thesis. Please help me :sob: :sob: :sob:

Hi, I’ve just reviewed your form and applied the requested settings for your workspace. You should now be ok to export, label more data, and train with Roboflow train or the model library.

Hello, @Mohamed, I’m a student of UCSI, and I’m doing research of defect detection. I found that the mAP trained in colab with YOLOv8 is lower than trained in roboflow. I’ve run out the training credits, and I have purchased the starter plan. I’ve applied for credits for research many times but no replies. What shall I do if I want to train more in roboflow. Thank you very much for the help.

Hi @liwei_happyman - I noticed you have a few credits available.

I’m happy to speak with you regarding the Research Credits. I was under the assumption you were just going with the Starter Plan option, with paid credits.

I’m sending you an email now.

Hey can you please review my form im also on a time crunch i have a many photos to crunch and is stuck till now. Please help.

Ideally like to complete the project this week.

Hi Anton,

Can you describe your project, data needs, and academic institution you are affiliated with? That helps us prioritize this process.

Hello, Can I please add credit to my account, I really need it as soon as possible because I am researching fresh or not fresh tomatoes for my college project. this project is a requirement to continue the thesis trial for college graduation, and I have also submitted through gform. Thank You. :sob: :sob: :sob: