Label Assist & Weights - Custom YoloV8 model

I’m having two issues with a custom YoloV8 model trained in Colab and deployed back to Roboflow:

  • mAP, Precision and Recall show 0% (both Deploy and Versions views)
  • Label Assist doesn’t detect anything.

But, if I go to the “Deploy” or “Versions” tab, I can try out my custom model and detection works as expected. Even using the same images were I’m testing the Label Assist.

Maybe the same as I met? Here: Bug when using annotation assistant with by custom uploaded model

Maybe you can also open the developer option to see if there is the same error message as me?

Yes, indeed. Same error. I’m attaching a screenshot.

V8 model uploads are fixed for label assist!


Ultralyics had added operations in the YOLOv8 model architecture that were not compatible with non-async model execution

LGTM, this issue is solved on my end.