'Inferences' (the number of API calls) available didn't reset this month

Hello, I’m sorry if this is not the right place for this kind of posts, but I have a small problem:
Last month (december) I trained a model using this platform and used a number of API calls (869/1000 to be exact).
From what I understood, this number is supposed to reset every month (it even specifies that in the ‘usage’ tab).
This month (january) I haven’t used this AT ALL, so it should have been 0/1000, right?
It says there: “Next month starts on Feb 1, 2024”. If it will reset on 1st of February, why it didn’t reset on the 1st of January? I thought this would reset on a monthly basis.
I am also pretty sure that more than a month passed after I reached that number of API calls.
Thank you.

Hi @useruseruser

You’re in the right place and you are correct. The number of hosted inference API calls should reset every month.

I checked in your workspace and it looks like you’re currently at 44/1000. I don’t see the 869 you mentioned. Do you still see your quota as 869/1000 in your workspace?

Hello. The issue is fixed now. I checked again after doing a few API calls (the first ones this month) and it was a number closer to 0 (this was before reaching 44). My guess is that in the interface the number doesn’t reset unless you use an API call in the ‘new’ month.

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