How many times can you make a request to your trained model

How many times are you able to make requests to your trained model on roboflow for the prediction, is there a limit?

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Hi, every workspace that is not on a dedicated paid plan has 1000 free infer credits, monthly. You can see your number of inferences in your “workspace settings” in “Usage.”


If you are not with a business or need sponsorship, then you can apply here for sponsorship consideration: Contribute to the Computer Vision Community

Hi @Mohamed , I’m curious if 1000 free infer credits :

  1. is limited per account
    • which mean once you reached a total 1000 usage around 5 months, then you are no more allowed to request for inference again (until you subscribe for private plan or you delete/abandon your account)?


  1. is limited for first monthly usage
    • which mean you have quota 1000 free credits per month for first 1000 usage (where once you reached 1000 max free infer credits usage, then you have to wait next month for the free infer credits reset)

There is not clear because (maybe Im not reach for 1000 limit usage) when I see Usage in workspace settings, there is graph/chart shown for current monthly usage (usage for November, usage for October, etc) and Im not sure if free infer credits has to sum it at all months OR by current monthly usage.

The infer credits are monthly usage. It resets monthly, and is attributed to the workspace.

For more credits, purchasing a Roboflow Growth or Enterprise plan is one option: Sales

The other option, if this is not a business-related project, but rather for research, school studies, or a personal project, is to apply for sponsorship for more features with supporting information to help you quality for the limit increase: Contribute to the Computer Vision Community

And you are correct in that the monthly usage is viewable in your workspace settings, under “Usage.”

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thanks for your clarification…