I tried to contact sales@roboflow.com but no response

Have you guys have any idea how long sales@roboflow.com will respond for incoming requests? I have tried to reach them by contact form and email so far I have no response from them. I need detailed pricing information. Thank you

Hi, our sales team will be responding to all sales inquiries. The team was away at a company onsite last week, so apologies if your form was missed.

Just for clarity, was this a form for a business inquiry? Or for a student or research project?

The sales forms will be answered by the sales team for business-related projects.

Thanks Mohamed for your reply. This is a business inquiry, I need detailed information about pricing.
Thank you

YP. Ajie

Hi @YP_Ajie I’ve asked our team to locate your form and get a reply to you today. Apologies for the delay!