How to get trained model and model-ID from roboflow?

I trained one detection model using Rotoflow. I need model (.pt format) and Model-ID for model Inference. How to downlead trained model from Rotoflow and How to Model ID?

Help Me!

Thanks !

Hi @Stavan_Rupareliya

Did you train it using Roboflow Train or via a Colab Notebook?

If you used a notebook, which one did you use? Most notebooks will have the .pt model file in the /runs/detect/train/weights folder, with being the best-performing model and for the last trained epoch.

If you trained it using Roboflow Train, I don’t believe there’s a way to export the .pt model at the moment. You can use the Roboflow Inference API to infer on images.

Hello @stellasphere
For model training i used only Rotoflow not used Google Colab .
Please, let me know how to get model from roboflow ?

Hello ,
Can we train yolov8 model using roboflow training ?

for version numbers and project/model id’s:

YOLOv8 model training and weights upload: Upload Weights - Roboflow