Exporting trained object detection model

I am trying to export the results of my model to “.cfg” and “.weights” file formats, however, after trying all the export options I do not seem to figure it out. All I get are my annotated imaged and “.labels” file. Could someone help me solve this?
Thank you so much for your help and support!

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Hi @Ali_Helmi, for Roboflow Train, we don’t provide weights downloads “out of the box”, unfortunately. This has to do, in part, with ensuring all deployments are compatible with your target devices.

We do give access to an always-on/always-ready API endpoint; edge device deployment for devices such as iOS and NVIDIA Jetsons; and more deployment options for Enterprise servers and GPU via Docker.

Everything listed as “On Device” in parentheses, or Local Deploy, here (including all Enterprise options) are available to utilize offline after setup/initialization.

For weights, you would need to train your own model with the model library (with your own GPU, a cloud-hosted GPU, or hosted GPU notebook such as Google Colab or AWS SageMaker Studio Labs):

If you train custom, you can also choose to upload your weights to Roboflow for deployment, and/or save the weights to optimize your own deployment: