Is it possible to run Roboflow model offline?

I recently created a model on Roboflow, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to run or download it without using the API. I’d like to have more flexibility with the model and explore different options. Does anyone have experience with this? :thinking:

Based on the information available, it seems that Roboflow does not offer the ability to directly download the model weights from Roboflow Universe. However, you can use their API or their open-source inference server to use your model. Instructions on how to use the API can be found on the Model page on Roboflow’s website source.

If you’re looking to use the model in a Python project in Visual Studio, you can download one of the notebooks from as a .py file. You can then run model training in Visual Studio after downloading your images with Roboflow’s Python package source.

If you’re looking to run the model on a Raspberry Pi, Roboflow has a page in their documentation on how to run inference using a Roboflow model on a Raspberry Pi source.

Please note that these methods require an internet connection. If you’re looking to use Roboflow for custom detection in an offline environment, the information available does not provide a solution for this source.

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Hello - as Lenny mentioned, you can export the dataset to train using one of our open source notebooks GitHub - roboflow/notebooks: Examples and tutorials on using SOTA computer vision models and techniques. Learn everything from old-school ResNet, through YOLO and object-detection transformers like DETR, to the latest models like Grounding DINO and SAM.

Also, you can use Inference (GitHub - roboflow/inference: A fast, easy-to-use, production-ready inference server for computer vision supporting deployment of many popular model architectures and fine-tuned models.) to deploy to many different devices.

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