Download model weights


I would like to download the model weights from the project - YOLOv8_DetFly(02).

There is no download link in the demo at YOLOv8_DetFly(02) Object Detection Dataset and Pre-Trained Model by YOLOv8 Drone Detection

I tried to search at the Roboflow Github how to do so and didn’t find it.

I also tried to load and save it using and it seems not to work.

Please let me know how to download the model.

Thank you Bot for your answer but, I’m trying to download existing weights and not to deploy/uploading weights.

Hi @BenTrigger

We don’t offer the ability to download the model weights from Roboflow Universe. You can use our API, for which there are directions on how to use it in the Model page, or you can use our open-source inference server.

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