“Generate New Version” with missing images Problem in My project

I have labeled images in the annotation tab of my Object Detection project. After clicking “Generate new version”, most of the training/testing/validation images disappear when I view them using “View All Images”.

For example, in my dataset, there are 2479 images, but after generating the new version, there are only 847 images left.

How can I resolve this issue?
My project is in private mode, so I cannot share it for everyone to see.

I really need the dataset urgently as I will have to train the model for my graduation project in the next 2 days.

Any help is well appreciated.

Project Type: Object Detection
Project ID: graduation-thesis/traffic-flow-counting-j6kxk
Operating System & Browser: win 11 22h2 & OperaGX

I’ve double-checked the code and downloaded the dataset locally, and the number of generated items is still correct. I’m not sure if there’s an issue with the labels, but it seems like the The ‘Generate version’ is just having a display error.

Such a bug will occur when the size is not adjusted according to the default 640*640.

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