Have error while "Generate New Version"

I have problem when “Generate New Version”, it gets stuck on while dataset version is being Generating but if the process is complete it appears without images (0 image). “Maybe because I select specific images with tags in preprocessing stage?”
I had this problem for about two days, and I don’t know the solution to it. I searched for similar problems, but I couldn’t fix it. Could anyone help me with it?

Thank you all.

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Hey @Robiah.gh

Could you please share your project’s Universe link or your workspace and project ID so that we can take a look?

Also, it looks like you were able to generate a version the day you posted. It’s possible that version generation takes longer for larger datasets and if we have a lot of people doing so.

workspace: splitclass , project ID: rest-image

Link : Rest-Image Object Detection Dataset by splitclass

Hey @Robiah.gh

I looked at your project and I see you created a version today at 5:15pm (your timezone) and one on the 27th at 8:31pm. I see no other versions in-progress, errored or completed. If a dataset generation failed, it would be listed.

Did you delete those versions? If so, could you try again and do not delete the versions, even if they appear stuck, so that we can try troubleshooting this issue