Exporting for YOLOv8: Check Your Project Type

If you’re looking to export in YOLOv8 format, but unable to find the option, it is because you project is of the incorrect project type.

Check that you are in an object detection, instance segmentation, or classification project.

These are the only project types that YOLOv8 trains, therefore the only project types we offer YOLOv8 exports for.

Project types are listed on the project-card, in the Workspace view, and in the Project itself:

If you are in a semantic segmentation project, and wish to export in YOLOv8 format for object detection or instance segmentation:

  1. create a version with no preprocessing and augmentation other than Auto-Orient applied
  2. export in COCO JSON Segmentation format
  3. import to the project type that you require after creating a new project (object detection or instance segmentation)

If your goal was to create a classification project, here is how to upload classification projects on Roboflow: Classification - Roboflow