YOLOv8 Segmentation Annotation

Before saying, Thank you for roboflow team.

I have 1 question.

Why can’t use Segment Dataset convert YOLOv5 datatype?

Segment Dataset-> COCO → YOLOv5 route is Ok.
But Segment Dataset → YOLOv5 route is NO.

Can you Segmentation Dataset convert YOLOv5 datatype option add?

Because YOLOv8 segmentation train can YOLOv5 segmentation dataset.

I am sorry for my poor English. But I wanted to tell you how to improve it.

Thank you for reading it!

What segmentation format? COCO JSON?

If it is COCO JSON format for your segmentation dataset, just upload to an Instance Segmentation project, and export in your desired format, such as YOLOv8 or YOLOv5 for Instance Segmentation.

Semantic Segmentation projects don’t allow for direct export in YOLOv8 or YOLOv5 formats because neither of those models has a training pipeline for Semantic Segmentation, they only have training pipelines for Instance Segmentation, Classification and Object Detection.

Your answer was helpful.
segmentation format is Semantic Segmentation projects.
Thank you!