Export image number less than the image number show on the generated version

I am using the free service on roboflow for just making bounding box and exporting the images and labels

recently i uploaded thousands images to a project and annotated a part of them
then i generated a version for them for exporting

i tried to export as yolov5 format , it show i have 3509 images to export
all training set , no validation and test

but i actually got only 2928 images

is there any limitation or it is just a bug?

please take a look

Hi, can you share your workspace with Roboflow Support so I can have a deeper look?

I’d like to check if it was potentially duplicate images left out of the export, or rather if this is a persistent bug.

Thank you,

Hi Mohamed,

Done ,clicked the share button on my workspace

but my workspace have too many things
just want to tell you the example project that i have stated is named “deer3” and is the version 3 inside it

thank you

Hi Mr. Mohamed,

Please take a look on my problem

Hi @kronee0516

We took a look and it looks like it is a bug in the system. We went ahead and reported it and the team is prioritizing accordingly with other tickets. We can update you once it’s fixed

did you guys fix the problem yet? Because my dataset with 1500 images after applying image resize also reduced to 1424 images. I have sent email to you guys but it seems like no respond

I have the same problem. exported dataset is only 30 or so images when it says that the exported size should be 1.1k

Is this not fixed yet…?

I have not seen any recent reports of this. There was a similar issue with bounding box only augmentations earlier this weekend that was fixed.

If you’re still having issues on a particular project follow the steps here and I can have a look: Sharing a Workspace with Roboflow Support - Roboflow

Hi Brad,

I just re-uploaded 105 image and annotated them all. I exported YOLOV5-pytorch version and download zip file. I expect around 55 images for training but only have 34 itesm. Valid and Test both the same less than I expected. Some images might be duplicated or very similiar, but I still want FULL annotated images and text.

Thank you,

Hi Brad,

I figured out some of my images type are webp not like jpeg, png neither jpg.

I changed the file names .png so it opens on my local desktop, however, apparently it’s webp, so RoboFlow seems not happy.

Hope this is helpful for others.

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